Clean Cut Shaving & Haircut Apron

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100% Brand New and High Quality.

This cloth material for haircut and beard is polyester taffeta, reusable, easy to clean and easy to dry.

The design of the neckline is durable and easy to wear, and can accommodate necks of various sizes.

Perfectly fits the skin, no need to worry about falling hair, suitable for all kinds of people.

Soft and comfortable, waterproof and breathable, special fiber silk material, waterproof, anti-static, not easy to stick to the hair, the experience is ten best.

Not easy to penetrate water, can be reused for a long time.


Weight: 55

Size: 110*75(cm)

Color: White/Black

Material: Polyester taffeta


During shaving, the shaved beard can be covered, kept clean, and the clothing is protected from contamination during the hair dyeing process.

It is suitable for hair salons, but also suitable for home haircut, haircut, hair coloring, perming and shaving.

Before the suction cup is sucked, you need to wipe your mirror or clean and smooth wall with a rag first. Attach the suction cup to the mirror or the wall, and then squeeze out the air inside the suction cup.

Buy it now and enjoy the relaxing and enjoyable shaving process.

Package Included:


4*suction cup