Solar Powered LED Flower Light

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Solar Powered LED Flower is great for a garden, pond, yard or pool side. It is a great energy saving, eco friendly flower light to bring beauty to your home.


Vivid lotus appearance with 7 color RGB LED light;
LED light automatically changes colors.
Solar powered - automatically recharges under sunlight during daytime.
Special Fiber Optic technology ensures smart light control function: the LED light only turns on in dark environment (at night).
Floating on the water and rotating with the winds just like a real lotus, makes your
pond and garden looks elegant and vibrant all the time.
A stainless steel ball is designed to prevent the lotus lamp from moving or tilting.
Energy saving & reducing carbon emission, it is environmental friendly.
Besides decorating and lighting your garden pond, it can also work as a special wishing lamp.

Appearance: Lotus
Color: Purple,White,Yellow,Pink
Material: EVA
Charging mode: Solar
Solar Panel: 2v 40mA
Switch control: Light control
Battery: 1.2V 200mAH rechargeable battery
Waterproof: IP65
Size: 28 CM
Kindly Notice: More Pool lights will be more beautiful.
Carton Package includes:
1 x Solar Pool Light