Crystal Globe 3D Laser Engraved Astronomy Ball with Touch Switch LED Light Base

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Product name: 8 cm 3D laser engraved solar system with galaxy stars

Material: K9 crystal

Size: 80 mm

Weight: 750g

Attention: No one knows how the back side of the moon looks like, so you can just see the moon clearly from the front view.

The LED bases come with a USB cable.

  1. The square base can use 3 AAA 1.5V batteries or USB, and you can not remove the USB when you use it without batteries.
We sell the base with a cable but without battery, you need to prepare the plug or batteries by yourself.

Square base: At the touch of a switch, the light will change color very slowly. Touch it again and the light will change color faster. The third time you touch the switch, the light will stop changing colors automatically and each time you touch the switch, the light changes one color, the changing colors are white, red, blue, and green. Press and hold the switch for three seconds to turn off the light.